Application Managed Services

Development and Integration

Tranzeal provides a comprehensive ‘Application Development and Integration’ service that help client organizations extensively, in widening their business prospects, globally. These application solutions help the businesses develop in a healthy manner and make sure the company is competing well in the market. The services are designed specifically to handle a multitude of the company’s business concerns and procedures, smoothly.


An up-to-date technological makeover for companies is a must to keep up in the market. With a presence across various countries in the world and armed with the knowledge of veterans in the field, Tranzeal transforms client companies completely in terms of technological prowess.

Our Services Include:

  • Constructing efficient frameworks>
  • Creating, updating and enhancing applications
  • Bringing together the best of old and new applications

Our services have a record of changing the face of companies by an impressive increase in business deals, cut down on production costs and enhance user-friendly customer needs. Such results solidify our presence in companies as strong partners.

Defining Capabilities

We stand apart in bringing together the best of traditional industry practises and recycling specific modules to enhance code efficiency. Tranzeal aids in quicker adaptation of latest technologies to gain precedence over other companies.

Solution Blue Print –This engineering practice enables uncertain application models to develop into specific usable ones. SBP saves time by developing applications at a higher speed than standard practices.

Service Specific Architecture – Designing adeptly company specific frameworks to enable integration of old and existing applications. This gears up the applications to face any business challenges on a lower budget.

Using Agile- Agile is an expert tool used by Tranzeal to develop, maintain and test projects in a communication effective procedure. Our teams in various office branches interact and are constantly in touch through video conferencing and scrum-boards.

Business Enhancement

Our customers benefit the following from our extensive Application Development experience-

  • Increase concentration on core business activities.
  • Ease-up customer Project Manager band-width up to 20%.
  • Suitable solutions Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • Increase in productivity with quick solutions and reusability
  • Prediction tools to aid scheduling.

Our development expertise save extra costs on quality checks with expert designs and methodologies.

Support & Maintenance

Tranzeal helps you enhance the life of your applications with our support and maintenance services. Our support processes and infrastructure help improve application efficiency, reduce cost overruns by minimizing outages and offer greater security. We work with clients with differing needs and application structures and can create a tailored solution that fits your requirements.


Application Support and Maintenance:

Continuous support for your application using established processes customized to your case.

Application Transitioning and Transformation

We follow established transitioning processes to seamlessly takeover application responsibility. Once the application is fully transitioned to us, we approach maintenance and transformation with simultaneous projects all designed to help your application reach peak performance.

Managed Services Framework

We follow the Managed Services Framework to provide continuous, seamless service and maintenance services bound by SLAs. With this model, we help you reduce overheads while giving you access to a world-class team.