Digital Testing

Be fully aware of your platform’s robustness with our digital testing suite. Tranzeal works with organizations to test every digital touch point a stakeholder has with the organization. Whether it is your employees, leadership or customers, we ensure your applications perform as they are supposed to.

Performance engineering testing

Tranzeal tests your infrastructure and applications and assesses their performance at a micro level. We test how well your systems respond to diverse scenarios and make recommendations based on the results.

Security Testing

The increasing adoption of large platforms and frameworks and the increasing number of users gives security even greater importance. Tranzeal tests your systems and identifies gaps and holes in your security infrastructure.

Mobility testing

As mobile continues its rapid advancement, it will become even more essential that the experience you provide is seamless across devices. Tranzeal helps you achieve this benchmark with comprehensive mobility testing.

Big Data Testing

Be assured that your data crunching and analytics engines are performing as they should be. Tranzeal ensures your data processes are optimally aligned and giving you the correct insights with thorough big data and analytics testing.

Cloud Testing

Test the strength of your cloud implementation with our cloud testing capabilities. We’ll tell you how flexible and scalable your cloud is and help you overcome any shortcomings that may be discovered.