Unified It

Tranzeal helps organizations streamline their business processes with Unified IT management solutions. With UITM, you can map your applications, infrastructure and business services to create a richer experience. This gives you visibility across the organization simplifies environment management.

Why Unified IT?

Deeper Insight

With a unified IT management solution, it becomes easier to get systems to talk to each other and to draw insight from them.

Greater Visibility

Gain control and visibility across your entire IT infrastructure. Our real-time dashboards provide constant feedback and help you make better decisions.

Better Redundancies

With a single management solution, it becomes easier to create and monitor failsafes & redundancies. The system we create helps you integrate processes and simplify their management.

Unified Reporting

Monitor your systems, track alerts & incidents, follow up with maintenance and generate reports through a single dashboard

With unified IT management, Tranzeal helps you greatly improve business agility.