Managed Testing

Tranzeal helps organizations improve the quality of their systems and applications with a variety of testing services. With our testing solutions you can:

1. Identify defects and malfunctions
2. Identify future risk factors
3. Speed up review and release while identifying
4. Avoid rollback
5. Reduce costs

Our testing process begins with creating a testing framework that lays out the test schedule, test cases, testing priority of modules, identifies the testing environment and stipulates the documentation protocols to follow.

We offer extensive testing capabilities to our clients and partners including:

Automated testing

We work across technologies to test applications and software. Our automated testing solutions help you save time and cost through a model and technology driven testing approach.

eCommerce Testing

Our extensive e-commerce capabilities make us your ideal partner to test your platform. We offer pre-created test cases for e-commerce implementations which reduces the time spent in creating the test environment. We also create test cases specific to your organization based on your needs.

ERP Testing

We work on leading ERP solutions such as Oracle and SAP and offer extensive platform-wide testing services. We follow internationally accepted frameworks and guidelines and help you maximize your testing investment with a detailed testing solution.