Enterprise Architecture Consulting

A dynamic work environment demands an IT infrastructure that can help it meet and overcome challenges. Each enterprise is at a different stage of its journey. While some face challenges due to geographical or M&A expansions, others want to adopt newer frameworks and still others are looking at different business models or process efficiency. The right enterprise architecture helps organizations transcend and transform themselves into more efficient and profitable entities.

Our Solutions:

Cloud Adoption
Migrate to the cloud with confidence. Tranzeal’s expert cloud migration team helps you identify the right cloud architecture and infrastructure for your enterprise apps and helps you seamlessly transition to the cloud.

Solution Architecture
Your mission critical solutions need to be carefully identified, designed and calibrated to ensure they deliver the value they are supposed to. Tranzeal takes into cognizance your business reality and your requirements and proposes solutions that help you overcome your challenges. We ensure your total cost of ownership does not escalate and you gain disproportionate value from your solution.

Infrastructure & Application Rationalization

Create a robust IT review, governance and compliance structure with Tranzeal. Large enterprises rely on a multitude of application and infrastructural assets which need to be reviewed periodically on performance and cost of ownership parameters. Tranzeal helps you build a more robust enterprise architecture by helping you rationalize these assets and build a stronger base.