Security And Compliance

Allow your team the flexibility to use their own devices with security solutions that are one step ahead of hackers. We build comprehensive security frameworks that detect breaches and help you protect your data without disrupting work.

Our Security Approach

Security breaches occur due to a variety of reasons. For some organizations, breaches occur due to lack of intermediate controls. Others face greater threats in terms of external attacks. The first step we take is to map the organization’s infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities. We perform extensive penetration testing to gauge how secure the organization’s infrastructure is at different levels.

Based on this assessment, we recommend solutions that help plug holes and tighten exit points. We follow established frameworks to strengthen your infrastructure and help you meet security compliance requirements implemented by certified experts.

Constant Monitoring

Tranzeal also helps organizations monitor their platforms 24x7 with our managed security & compliance solutions. We constantly test and probe your systems to identify vulnerabilities and help add additional layers of security. We also offer staffing solutions to help you meet temporary or full-time security requirements.